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US Energy Initiatives has placed orders for its mining operation


WOODLAND HILLS, CA, January 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire US Energy Initiatives Corp, Inc. (OTC PINK: USEI) announces that management has placed orders for its green energy extraction initiative, continuing to execute its business plan.

According to Anthony K. Miller, CEO, “Today we are announcing that USEI currently has a standing order for a number of L3 + Bitmain Antminers miners. These miners have the ability to mine many script algorithm coins and tokens, diversifying holdings from using the USEI and increasing its potential to maximize profitability. Use of the USEI of renewable green energy will also give the USEI the ability to increase its level of profitability a step further. renewables will remain with solar power as the primary source of energy. The use of renewable energy solves the problem of mining cryptocurrencies reducing its carbon footprint. USEI will continue to grow in the blockchain community, the metaverse and the new mining of profitable future coins. USEI continues to focus on growing and maximizing its profits. Last month, we placed $ 10 million in numerical assets. risks of USEI under management for liquidation; we expect this currency to be fully sold in the first quarter of 2022. This money will give USEI the capital to continue exploring all the possibilities that the crypto ecosystem and Metaverse offers this business … we will grow this business as far as we can. money will lead us. We have an incredible business model that is built for the future.

“Finally, I continue to reiterate, over and over again, that we will not increase the authorized actions of the USEI (we are at the maximum) and that there is no pool of interests envisaged for the present or the future. The fundamentals of this firm are frozen and changing this structure is in no one’s interest. Plus, there is no toxic debt in this business (zero)… and no equity debt expected in the immediate future or the long term, ”Miller said.

ABOUT USEI: US Energy Initiatives Corp is a publicly traded company trading under the symbol USEI on the over-the-counter markets, and the company is focused on many potential opportunities and will leverage its assets to build a strong public company. These markets are all emerging growth sectors, and the company will use its important assets and tools to grow the company for its incredible future.

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