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Chinese ‘ghost ship’ found floating off Thai coast


An abandoned “ghost ship” was found by workers on the offshore oil rig floating unmanned off the coast of Thailand. You can see weird footage of the ship being boarded below:

Chevron workers stationed in the Gulf of Thailand discovered the eerie 80-meter-long Chinese craft last week on January 6 and filmed the entire ordeal.

Local authorities are coordinating an operation with the Thai government’s maritime department to prevent the ship’s oil spill damaging the environment or spreading to nearby holiday islands.

Thai Navy Captain Itthipat Gavinfuengfukul said: “We tried to bring the ship ashore, but it sank before we could reach it.

“Buoys were deployed at the point where she sank.”

Chinese characters label the ship as “Jin Shui Yuan 2”.

Its origin is still unknown. His crew is missing. His cargo, documents and anything that could identify him are gone.

Credit: Newsflare

Stunning footage shows the ship floating silently at night as its rescuers point torches at it.

The massive hull tilts towards the torches as if it were about to tip over and sink.

Khaki-clad Thai navy men are then shown boarding the ship as their own walk alongside, guns in hand.

You would be forgiven for mistaking the clip for the opening scene for a new Paranormal activity movie.

Credit: Newsflare
Credit: Newsflare

Everything about the craft, other than what can be seen in the video, remains to be discovered.

Jin Shui Yan 2 was first discovered 100 nautical miles (115 miles) from the Thai town of Songkhla, but it never made it back to shore.

High winds and rough seas near Thailand’s Sichon district in Si Thammarat province sank the ship as the Thai Navy towed it to shore on January 9.

Buoys were placed to mark the area where the vessel had sunk and fishermen were warned to be careful while sailing.

Credit: Newsflare
Credit: Newsflare

A notice was issued to the owner to recover the vessel within 15 days.

Captain Itthipat said the ship was floating 18 meters below the water’s surface and just 28 nautical miles (32 miles) from the Sichon coast.

If the shipowner comes forward, he said, he will have to pay to claim the wrecked craft.

The Thai Center for Region of National Marine Interest 2 will further investigate the matter.