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How to Create a Credit Card Control

July 3, 2019

Keeping track of your credit card expenses is critical to not spending more than you should and having trouble paying the bill in the future. When you lose track of how much you are spending on the card, you may not have the money you need to pay the total charged and get into debt […]

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Momentum VS Financing:Loans Online

July 1, 2019

VS Financing specializes in providing payday debts over the internet. At VS Financing, you can receive up to PLN 3,000 as a new customer and pay off your debt within 2 months. VS Financing is a solution for customers looking for a quick financial injection. Thanks to it, you can get instant support without leaving […]

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Zero-rate employee credit

June 26, 2019

  The zero-rated credit is available to public servants and other plan members. On the other hand, it is reserved for first-time buyers. Public servants can take out a zero rate credit to access the property. Advantageous, the 2016 is accompanied by a deferred refund of 5 to 15 years depending on the case and […]

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What is considered a good credit rating?

June 21, 2019

A good credit rating can be determined through a variety of factors. Your proven credit history, your current debt to income ratio, and your amount of bad debt (unsecured credit card debt, auto loan, etc.) versus your amount of good debt (mortgage). People with a good credit rating generally qualify for prime rates on loans, […]

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When not to take mortgage loans?

June 14, 2019

When not to take a mortgage loan? My goal with this article is to discuss in detail the taboos that people don’t think about. Let’s face up to reality and take stock of cases when you don’t have to take home loans or think less about credit! # 1 Your labor market value One of […]

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Guide: Smart loans – the 5 tips

June 13, 2019

When you borrow money to buy a product such as a trip, a car or a construction project, you end up paying more for the item than if you had the money in your account and did not have to borrow. This is due to the interest and fees that the loan provider takes to […]

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The cost of home loan guarantees

May 3, 2019

The cost of home loan guarantees varies according to the guarantee subscribed, here is an explanation of the main items of expenditure that they represent: The cost of home loan collateral: Mortgage and lien registration These guarantees of mortgages being at the initiative of the State, they must obligatorily be noted by a notarial act, […]

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